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About us

Our vision

Looking Ahead 

Future is unpredictable and many things can happen while we build our path towards success. However, we do see ourselves in that future and have a clear vision of what we desire to become.

In pursuit of the best


People form our core in Elemantis. And that is the very reason why we only gather the best. We aim to a working environment in which employees can easily grow their potentials while enjoying life. 

Side by side

We are determined to become and remain the always preferred partner of our local customers. We work to build trust and provide reliable service. Our ultimate goal is to create added value and grow side by side with out partners.

Remarkable service

We aim to provide the most efficient and the most effective services. What we envision is to have a broad service offering provided to all our customers by our team of sales and technical experts who are always ready to provide assistance. 

Remarkable products

We are very sensitive to who we choose to partner with. We constantly seek suppliers who are courageous and passionate enough, and have the insight to welcome innovation and come up with innovative solutions. We team up with those who are able to deliver the quality required by our customers in order to make a difference. Nevertheless, it is trust that we value above all.  

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