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Essential Oils

Known from ancient civilizations and now scientifically recognized, essential oils are natural extracts of powerful plants and have an extraordinary efficacy, in terms of health as well as beauty and well-being. By combining them, it is possible to develop original aromatic synergies whose virtues and properties respond to targeted needs such as, for example, enhancing immune defenses, relaxation, stimulation, joint and muscle pain relief, reducing "orange peel" effect ...

We can take advantage of the essential oils benefits subject to respect strictly the precautions of use. To take full advantage of their virtue, it is recommended to use exclusive Essential Oils Chemotypes (CT), 100% pure and natural, botanically and biochemically defined (H.E.B.B.D.). Essential oils must be produced either from organic farming or from wild cultivation in areas far from polluted areas or from traditional controlled crops in unpolluted rural areas.

Essential oils are used in compositions to be diffused in the atmosphere (see the diffusing of essential oils), in cosmetics (mixed with virgin vegetable oils and/or vegetable butters), in massage oils (see essential oils massages), in the bath (see essential oils for the bath) or even in the kitchen (essential oils in the kitchen). Children can benefit from essential oils provided they follow strict dosage rules and under medical supervision (see the page of essential oils for children).

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