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Our company

About us

The very essence of our business is market development for raw material manufacturers who wish to promote their products internationally on a wider scale. The market development does not end when the products are sold to manufacturers, It continues until they are known to finished product manufacturers. The aspect of branding is of high importance to our company and being perceived as a simple intermediary is not what drives us. 

As an intermediary we integrate the latest trends of marketing and branding in order to help our suppliers excel in sales and achieve their goals. We aim to represent small and medium producers who seek to set a foot hold in markets abroad. Having exclusive access to new ingredients is what we pursue and it allows us to expand our product basket and adhere to rigorous quality control standards. 

At Cozmat, by benefiting from our in-depth sector and industry knowledge we prepare in-depth solutions for our customers. In order to guarantee a smooth and adequate market development process, we offer regulatory documentation service.

Our values

Our company values are carried out throughout our entrepreneurial adventures toward being the best in meeting our customers' needs. All our team members believe deeply in and abide by them willingly. 


Our core values are the very base of our actions. They form the foundation of the continuous relationships with our customers, suppliers and stakeholders. From the first moment that we get to know new people and all along our long-term relationships with them. 

An entrepreneurial team


Novelty is a radiant concept that we have adopted. We aim to continuously improve and find new ways to develop our customers' competitive edge. This has allowed us to think outside the box and welcome new technologies with open arms.

Each one of our actions in Cozmat, towards our stakeholders and ourselves, is in accordance with honesty, humbleness and mutual respect. We are eager and engage constructively and reach out to you wholeheartedly. We appreciate and believe firmly in togetherness and teamwork with our partners. 

A focused team

The main goal is to provide our customers with our profound market knowledge and insight. We are determined to provide the highest service quality regardless ; whether we take a global or local approach. The most important factor for us is to be by our customers' side all along. 


Even though in today's world markets are changing rapidly and customers' demands evolve and increase day b day, we stay concentrated and committed to providing innovative solutions that inspire and are above expectations. Our devotion to out customers is what energises us everyday and motivates us to put that extra effort to get the job done. 

A Knowledge oriented team

At Cozmat all of us grow constantly in our areas of expertise. We are proud of being knowledge oriented and hardworking. Being unbiassed and focused on the main goal are the factors uniting our team. 

Most of what we call knowledge is brought to our team by our members. And this has graced us with the knowledge that distinguishes us. 

#OneTeam #OneCozmat

Our mission

What we aim for is delivering the best service possible in marketing and distributing specialty cosmetic ingredients to our customers. It is with our partners that we create concrete and stable relationships that bring about innovative solutions and growth to all participants.

At Cozmat we work constantly to create added value. Our flexibility and adaptability to different situations as well as eagerness to create and innovate have allowed our team to develop new solutions that provide our customers with the competitive edge they need.

On one hand, we focus mainly on medium and small suppliers who are in need of an extra force for selling and marketing their products, and on the other hand, on the finished product producers who demand thorough technical assistance, support and product quality assurance in order to meet the specific needs of their local markets. 

Our strategy


Out tendency to create has led us to a new conception. We call it the lateral marketing approach. For us, being the best is defined as completing the circle. To do so, we identify the products that are lacking from our product basket and aim for the suppliers who produce them with adequate qualities. In order for our customers to meet their specific market demands, we support them technically by providing formulations and methods to use the ingredients. By doing so, not only do we continuously improve our service and expertise, we also create the opportunity for our customers to lead their local and international markets better than before

Our vision

Looking Ahead 

Future is unpredictable and many things can happen while we build our path towards success. However, we do see ourselves in that future and have a clear vision of what we desire to become.

In pursuit of the best


People form our core in Cozmat. And that is the very reason why we only gather the best. We aim to a working environment in which employees can easily grow their potentials while enjoying life. 

Side by side

We are determined to become and remain the always preferred partner of our local customers. We work to build trust and provide reliable service. Our ultimate goal is to create added value and grow side by side with out partners.

Remarkable service

We aim to provide the most efficient and the most effective services. What we envision is to have a broad service offering provided to all our customers by our team of sales and technical experts who are always ready to provide assistance. 

Remarkable products

We are very sensitive to who we choose to partner with. We constantly seek suppliers who are courageous and passionate enough, and have the insight to welcome innovation and come up with innovative solutions. We team up with those who are able to deliver the quality required by our customers in order to make a difference. Nevertheless, it is trust that we value above all.  

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