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Value creation, Mutual growth

Your partner in distribution of cosmetic raw materials & speciality ingredients

Value / Market

Value creation


Mutual growth


Excellence is what dictates our way of working. Our specialised team of experts will make the extra effort in order to help you foresee new trends and find specially tailor-made solutions for you and your customer's wants and needs.

At Cozmat, we encourage entrepreneurial and creative thinking in every aspect of our business. Our eagerness for creativity is reflected in the customised solutions and remarkable quality we deliver.



Could Bakuchiol be the next big skin care ingredient ?

It is helpful to look at a recent ingredient like Argan Oil that went from obscurity to popularity and compare it to a newcomer, Bakuchiol to see if it may become the next big thing. Bakuchiol is an ingredient derived from the plant Psoralea corylifolia which is an ancient cultivated plant of India and China. In fact, it is still being used for medicinal applications in China.

psoralea corylifolia.jpg


We are Elemantis

We provide sustainable, effective and reliable business solutions in order to create added value to your businesses. We are knowledgeable, creative and have an entrepreneurial spirit. Our aim is to gather and provide the best and to take part in success and growth of your entities. We are Cozmat.


Our Products

Blonde Highlights

Great range of ingredients for haircare application suitable shampoos, conditioners and styling products


Ingredients for both standard and gel toothpastes with different levels of abrasion


Offering a wide range of pearlescent pigments, inorganic and organic pigments

Woman by the Sea

Most efficient solutions that are tested, for SPF and levels of UVA protection


Ingredients allowing your product developers to easily create inventive formulations with excellent performance


Including ingredients that provide measurable properties; such as plant extracts and naturally derived products


Broad range of clinically tested ingredients proven to be effective in withstanding well-known issues


Offering outstanding materials produced by reliable world-class manufacturers in order to participate in the creation of tomorrow's quality fragrances

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