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Cozmat presents Spearmint, Essential Oil. We offer a wide range of mint oils, so be sure to have a scan of our range. All of our mints offer you the menthol kick you require. Suitable for both food & cosmetics, mint oils are a super addition to your formulation. Spearmint is similar to that of Peppermint, a beautifully minty odour with its menthol content offers your skin or scalp a wonderful cooling effect. Menthol is an organic compound that produces a cooling sensation when applied to the mouth or skin. Try it infused in one of our seed oils, i.e. Spearmint infused in Sunflower Oil, this reduces your cost base & controls the minty aroma profile.

Mentha Spicata Herb Oil

Cozmat can confirm Spearmint, Essential Oil is Steam Distilled.

Cozmat can confirm that Spearmint, Essential Oil Origin is China / Brazil.



3301 2510 00

Suitable for both oral care, food or cosmetic ingredients.
It carries a strong menthol aroma.
Try it infused in one of our seed oils to control the cost & aroma profile.

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