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Cozmat presents Patchouli, Essential Oil. Steam distilled from the dried leaves of the Patchouli flower. A sweet & rich aroma, this oil is a preferred ingredient in perfumes, room diffusers & soaps. Its enticing scent is a great addition to your next formulation. With an uplifting aroma, Patchouli is great for anti-inflammatory rubs, hence why it works incredibly well in massage blends.

Pogostemon Cablin Leaf Oil

Cozmat can confirm Patchouli, Essential Oil is Steam Distilled.

Cozmat can confirm Patchouli, Essential Oil origin is Indonesia

8014-09-3 / 84238-39-1


3301 2941 00

A sweet & rich aroma.
A popular aromatic essential oil in calming products such as muscle rubs & massage blends.
Carries anti-inflammatory functionality.

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