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Orange Sweet Organic

Sweet! Cozmat presents Orange Sweet, Essential Oil Organic. This immune boosting gem of an essential oil is one of our favorites. Harvested & distilled in Brazil, this tangy oil carries many a benefit. You will have come across orange oil when peeling the fruit in your hands, you will feel the natural oils from the peel, this is the exact oil we are expressing. Known for its Limonene (Approx. 85%) & Myrcene (Approx 5%) content, they are some of the best antioxidants around that protect your skin & fight off free radical damage. Typical levels of Bergaptene (5-MOP) are approx. 0.5ppm max, giving extensive freedom for formulation. Its vitamin A, B, C content are wonderful attributes to your food or cosmetic formulation, not to mention the aroma & colour benefits it can provide.

Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil Expressed

Cozmat can confirm Orange Sweet, Essential Oil Organic is physically expressed from the Orange peel.

Cozmat can confirm Orange Sweet, Essential Oil Organic origin is Brazil.



3901 1210 00

Limonene (Approx. 85%) & Myrcene (Approx 5%) content are brilliant antioxidants.
Rich in vitamin A,B,C.
A versatile ingredient that can be used in any kind of cosmetic or food formulation.
A beautifully sweet tangy aroma.

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