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Mysore Sandalwood Indian

Cozmat presents Sandalwood Indian (Mysore), Essential Oil. This super power of the fragrance world not only carries an exceptionally seductive aroma but also cracking properties. Grown & extracted sustainably in India, it carries natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial & anti-proliferation properties. It is particularly good at treating skin conditions such as dry skin. With its sweet yet woody aroma, this seductive oil is prolific in the fragrance world & although not cheap, it packs an enormous fragrance punch… If that’s what you are looking for in your next formulation.

Santalum Album Wood Oil

Cozmat can confirm Sandalwood Indian (Mysore), Essential Oil is produced via Steam Distillation from the wood (obtained from the Mysore region of India) of the Sandalwood, Santalum album L., Santalaceae

Cozmat can confirm that Sandalwood Indian (Mysore), Essential Oil Origin is India.



3301 2941 00

A seductive sweet yet woody aroma. Super power of the fragrance world.
Sustainably produced.
Calming & cooling properties.
Carries anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial & anti-proliferation properties.

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