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Linalool Type Basil Sweet

Cozmat presents Basil, Essential Oil (Linalool Type). This sweet smelling herbal essential oil is produced via steam distillation from the flowering herb. Referred to as the "joy of the mountain", this material has traditionally been used for its cooling properties to tend to irritable skin & tend to burns & bites.

Ocimum Basilicum Oil

Cozmat can confirm Basil, Essential Oil (Linalool Type) is produced via Steam Distillation

Cozmat can confirm Basil, Essential Oil (Linalool Type) origin is Egypt.

84775-71-3 / 8015-73-4


3301 2941 00

A sweet basil scent.Commonly used in food application in particular meats, as well as fragrance & irritable skin products (mosquito bites)Linalool ≤ 67.0% A good oil to blend with other essential oils such as Citronella, Bergamot & Geranium.

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