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Coriander Seed Essential

A lovely essential oil to blend into your massage blends to give a wonderful fresh massage experience. Also popular as a flavoring in food, this herbal carries a lovely spicy, sweet fragrance that blends superbly with others such as clary sage & cypress oil.

Coriandrum Sativum Oil

Cozmat can confirm Coriander Seed, Essential Oil Organic is produced via Steam Distillation.

Cozmat can confirm that Coriander Seed, Essential Oil Organic origin is Russia.

8008-52-4 / 84775-50-8



Blends very well with other essential oils such as cypress & clary sage oil.
A fresh, herbaceous aromatic oil that you can blend into a super massage blend.
Very versatile. A popular oil for flavoring & for aiding those aches & pains! 

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