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Clove Bud

Cozmat presents Clove Bud, Essential Oil. This water distilled oil is extracted from the pink/red long buds that form at the start of the rainy season. The oil is not to be confused with Clove Leaf Oil (which we also offer) that comes from the same tree but the leaves rather than the buds. The buds are wild harvested via a method of banging the branches of the tree in order to separate the buds from the tree. The buds have been harvested for centuries and still to this day used in many communities in & around the tropics. The Bud Oil has a sweet & spicy aroma and we suggest you try blending it with our Clary Sage or Lavender to get yourself a cracking essential oil blend. There are no limits to the personal care application of this oil, give it a try!

Eugenia Caroyphyllus Bud Oil

Cozmat can confirm Clove Bud, Essential Oil is produced via Steam Distillation.

Cozmat can confirm that Clove Bud, Essential Oil origin is Indonesia.



3301 2911 00

Has been used in tropical communities for centuries to aid in the mending of foot pains, burns & insect bites.
A worthy ingredient to combat blemishes.
Blends beautifully with other essential oils, in particular our Clary Sage & Lavender Oil.
A sweet & spicy aroma.

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