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Chamomile Roman Organic

Cozmat presents Chamomile Roman Essential Oil Organic. We offer a wide range of Chamomile Oils so please be sure to look into which one best suits your formulation. Chamomile Roman is the original Chamomile oil dating back as far as the ancient Egyptians. Commonly used in fragrances, perfumes or if you are looking to give your formulation a wonderful aroma, look no further. This oil blends beautifully with other essential oils so give it a try with a hint of bergamot, jasmine or lavender. Chamomile itself has a sweet, fruity aroma and is popular in massage blends, any skin formulations.

Anthemis Nobilis Flower Oil

Cozmat can confirm Chamomile Roman, Essential Oil Organic is produced via Steam Distillation.

Cozmat can confirm that Chamomile Roman, Essential Oil Organic origin is UK.



3304 99 00 00

A common perfume & fragrance ingredient. A sweet, fruity aroma. Ideally used on sensitive skin and within a massage blend.

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