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Cedarwood USA

Cozmat presents Cedarwood USA, Essential Oil. We have lots of different kinds of Cedarwood, the 'Atlas' version being the most common & cost effective of all. However if you are looking for a particular INCI Listing or origin, please have a browse through our Cedarwood range, there is something in there for you. All of our Cedarwoods are grown & harvested from a range of variety evergreen trees in different parts of the world. However all grades share the user ability of performing fantastically in fragrances, room sprays, perfumes, or just a super smelling essential oil for your cosmetic formulation. Cedarwood has also been included in formulations for its ability to aid with greasy skin, hair strengthening & dandruff reduction. If you are looking for a woody aroma, look no further. Is it Christmas yet? This is the festive oil for you.

Juniperus Mexicana Wood Oil

Cozmat can confirm Cedarwood USA, Essential Oil is produced via Steam Distillation.

Cozmat can confirm that Cedarwood USA, Essential Oil origin is USA.



3301 2941 00

A wide variety of INCI Listing & origins depending on your requirements.
A wonderful woody aroma.
Blends exceptionally well with other essential oils.
Known to aid with greasy skin, hair strengthening & dandruff reduction.

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