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Cozmat presents Cajeput, Essential Oil. Harvested from a tall evergreen tree commonly referred to as the "caju-puti", this oil is obtained from leaves & twigs of the tree which are then steam distilled. This oil is very similar to that of Eucalyptus Oil, just with more of a fruity aroma. It is relied upon worldwide for its herbal medicine properties, however made its way into the personal care world for its ability to soothe & warm... Warm yourself up, get yourself a dose of Cajeput.

Melaleuca Leucadendron Cajuputi Leaf Oil

Cozmat can confirm Cajeput, Essential Oil is produced via Steam Distillation.

Cozmat can confirm that Cajeput, Essential Oil origin is Indonesia.



3301 2941 00

A close relation to Eucalyptus, Clove, Tea Tree, Niaouli (all part of the Melaleuca family).
Been used for centuries in the East for its ability to soothe, warm aches & pains.
A wealthy Cineol content.
Included well in creams/lotions & face creams to conquer skin irritation & bites.

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