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Black Pepper

Salt &…..! Cozmat presents Black Pepper, Essential Oil. Everyone needs a little pepper in their life, this cracker delivers a punchy peppery note whilst also aiding the aches & pains when massaged into ones muscles. Commonly used in Indian massage, this oil stimulates the circulatory system, blend into a carrier oil & you are ready to go.

Piper Nigrum Fruit Oil

Cozmat can confirm Black Pepper, Essential Oil is produced via Steam Distillation.

Cozmat an confirm Black Pepper, Essential Oil origin is India.



3301 29 35 00

A rich stimulating oil.
A spicy peppery note.
A good essential oil to blend into a carrier to deliver a highly effective massage oil.
Stimulates the circularatory system to aid in soothing muscle ache.

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