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Bay Leaf

Cozmat presents Bay Leaf, Essential Oil. The leaves harvested from the tall tropical tree are steam distilled to deliver this sweet & spicy undertone oil. Wild harvested in the West Indies this oil possesses a high Eugenol content which is known to service hair care, muscle & joint ache. A staple ingredient for its ability to provide a beautiful scent & act as functional essential oil.

Pimenta Racemosa Leaf/Fruit Oil

Cozmat can confirm Bay Leaf, Essential Oil is produced via Steam Distillation.

Cozmat can confirm Bay Leaf, Essential Oil origin is West Indies.



3301 2941 00

A sweet & spicy aromatic essential oil. Commonly used in hair care for its anti dandruff & scalp nourishment properties. Widely used in skin care for its ability to break down grease on the skin & soothe aching muscles. A high Eugenol content (up to 55%).

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