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About us

Our mission

What we aim for is delivering the best service possible in marketing and distributing specialty cosmetic ingredients to our customers. It is with our partners that we create concrete and stable relationships that bring about innovative solutions and growth to all participants.

At Elemantis we work constantly to create added value. Our flexibility and adaptability to different situations as well as eagerness to create and innovate have allowed our team to develop new solutions that provide our customers with the competitive edge they need.

On on hand, we focus mainly on medium and small suppliers who are in need of an extra force for selling and marketing their products, and on the other hand, on the finished product producers who demand thorough technical assistance, support and product quality assurance in order to meet the specific needs of their local markets. 

Our strategy


We are often appreciated for our unique method of conducting commercial activities. We call it the lateral marketing approach. For us, being the best is defined as completing the circle. To do so, we identify the products that are lacking from our product basket and aim for the suppliers who produce them with adequate qualities. In order for our customers to meet their specific market demands, we support them technically by providing formulations and methods to use the ingredients. By doing so, not only do we continuously improve our service and expertise, we also create the opportunity for our customers to lead their local and international markets better than before

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