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About us

The very essence of our business is market development for raw material manufacturers who wish to promote their products internationally on a wider scale. The market development does not end when the products are sold to manufacturers, It continues until they are known to finished product manufacturers. The aspect of branding is of high importance to our company and being perceived as a simple intermediary is not what drives us. 

As an intermediary we integrate the latest trends of marketing and branding in order to help our suppliers excel in sales and achieve their goals. We aim to represent small and medium producers who seek to set a foot hold in markets abroad. Having exclusive access to new ingredients is what we pursue and it allows us to expand our product basket and adhere to rigorous quality control standards. 

At Cozmat, by benefiting from our in-depth sector and industry knowledge we prepare in-depth solutions for our customers. In order to guarantee a smooth and adequate market development process, we offer regulatory documentation service.

Entrepreneurial, focused and knowledgeable ; values that distinguish us.

Our mission towards the betterment of our partners.

People, togetherness, remarkable products and services. The 4 pillars of our company. 

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