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Dill Seed Organic

Cozmat presents Dill Seed, Essential Oil Organic. We all like to add a bit of Dill in our cooking pots but have you thought about formulating with it too? You should. With its yummy spicy scent, it works so well with any of our mint oils and applied in to any fragrance from perfumes to soap & cream applications. It’s something different, give it a go.

Anethum Graveolens Seed Oil

Cozmat can confirm Dill Seed, Essential Oil Organic is Steam Distilled.

Cozmat can confirm that Dill Seed, Essential Oil Organic Origin is EU / India.

90028-03-8 / 8006-75-5


3301 2941 00

A spicy scent. Commonly used in our cooking pot!
Blends beautifully with mint oils & other spicy scents.
A versatile essential oil that is used in lotions, creams & soaps. 

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