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Rose Otto (Commercial)

Cozmat presents Rose Otto (Commercial), Essential Oil. The essential oil is steam distilled from the petals of the Bulgarian Rose Damascena. Genuine oil is grown & produced solely in the Bulgarian Rose Valley. This oil carries a beautiful floral aroma that can be used in perfumery or just to give your formulation a premium fragrance. This particular grade is a commercial blend for those wanting a lovely smelling oil for half the price…

Rosa Damascena Flower Oil & Parfum

Cozmat can confirm Rose Otto (Commercial), Essential Oil is produced via Steam Distillation, followed by blending.

Cozmat can confirm that Rose Otto (Commercial), Essential Oil Origin is East Europe.

90106-38-0 / 8007-010-0 & Not Listed

290-260-3 & Not Listed

3301 2941 00

Genuine material extracted from the petals of the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena.
It carries a beautiful rose aroma.
Commonly used in perfumery or in formulations to give an elegant fragrance.
It blends wonderfully with other essential oils.

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