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Ravensara Organic

Cozmat presents Ravensara, Essential Oil Organic. Also known as ‘Madagascar clove-nutmeg’ this oil native to Madagascar is grown on an evergreen tree that grows in the rainforest. Due to conservation restrictions the trees are harvested under controlled conditions & the oil steam distilled from the leaves rather than the bark. This is because the leaves are a sustainable source & the bark is not. The oil has a sweet, fresh & lemony aroma & blends wonderfully with other essential oils. Commonly used in the pharmaceutical & perfumery world for its aroma & its ability to soothe muscles, aches & pains.

Ravensara Aromatica Leaf Oil

Cozmat can confirm Ravensara, Essential Oil Organic is produced via steam distillation.

Cozmat can confirm Ravensara, Essential Oil Organic origin is Madagascar.




Also known as Madagascar clove-nutmeg.
Harvested under controlled conditions & sustainably managed.
A sweet, fresh & lemony aroma.
Commonly used in formulations for muscle rubs & for its aromatic profile.

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