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Neroli Organic

Strictly for elegant ladies! Cozmat presents Neroli, Essential Oil Organic. This natural oil is a fantastically seductive. The name was founded from Princess Nerola of Italy who was known to wear it as her scent. The scent is sweet & floral and blends wonderfully with anything citrussy or floral. We like to use it on its own. It is aimed more towards the more 'mature lady' formulations, very elegant in its profile. A few drops make a super eau-de-toilete or cologne. Similar to other essential oils in that it is an uplifting, calming and anti-depressant ingredient, like lavender, it is lovely to place a few drops on your pillow.

Citrus Aurantium Flower

Cozmat can confirm Neroli, Essential Oil Organic is produced via steam distillation of the white blossom of the bitter orange tree Citrus Aurantium

Cozmat can confirm Neroli, Essential Oil Organic origin is Tunisia.

8016-38-4 / 72968-50-4


3301 29 61 00

An oil geared towards more 'mature lady' cosmetic formulations. A sweet & floral scent. An uplifting, calming & anti-depressant scent. Named after Princess Nerola of Italy.

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