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Neroli Light

Strictly for elegant ladies! Cozmat presents Neroli Light, Essential Oil. This natural commercial blend is a fantastic seductive oil. The name was founded from Princess Nerola of Italy who was known to wear it as her scent. The scent is sweet & floral & blends wonderfully with anything citrussy or floral. We like to use it on its own. It is aimed more towards the more 'mature lady' formulations, very elegant in its profile. A few drops make a super eau-de-toilette or cologne. Similar to other essential oils in that it is an uplifting, calming & anti-depressant ingredient, like lavender, it is lovely to place a few drops on your pillow. We can offer this 'light' commercial blend to reduce the cost of standard Neroli, but you still achieve the same, if not stronger aroma profile. A good starter fragrance oil....

Citrus Aurantium Flower Oil & Parfum

Cozmat can confirm Neroli Light, Essential Oil is produced via steam distillation of the white blossom of the bitter orange tree Citrus Aurantium & commercially blended with Parfum.

Cozmat can confirm Neroli Light, Essential Oil origin is Italy.

8016-38-4 / 72968-50-4

- / 277-143-2

3302 9090 00

An oil geared towards more 'mature lady' cosmetic formulations.
A sweet & floral scent.
An uplifting, calming & anti-depressant scent.
Named after Princess Nerola of Italy.

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