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Lemon Verbena

Citrus alert! Cozmat presents Lemon Verbena, Essential Oil. Verbena Oil is produced via the leaves & branches of the Lemon Verbena tree. This oil is rich in vitamin A, B & C, hence its popularity not only in cosmetics but also food. This oil has been considered a super food oil for centuries & was very much utilised as a food flavoring & medicine to aid the process of infectious diseases. A slice of Lemon fruit in your water is so good for your immune system; Lemon Oil has exactly the same detox effect on your skin, hence it finding its way into cosmetic formulations. It is now one of the more popular essential oils to formulate with due to its aroma profile & functionality. This oil really reflects freshness, cleanliness & vibrancy....

Lippia Citriodora Leaf Oil

Cozmat can confirm Lemon Verbena, Essential Oil is produced via Steam Distillation.

Cozmat can confirm Lemon Verbena, Essential Oil origin is Spain.

Not Listed.

Not Listed.

3301 1310 00

The ultimate detox oil.
A strong citrus kick, full of aroma & punch! A popular food flavoring & cosmetic fragrance.
Reduces greasy skin when the appropriate amount is used.
Wild Harvested.
A very functional essential oil with a rich Vitamin A, B, C profile.
Blends well with other citrus essential oils. An oil that reflects freshness, cleanliness & vibrancy...

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