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Cozmat presents Kanuka, Essential Oil. The wild harvested Kanuka leaves are grown & harvested in New Zealand, mainly on the East Cape of the North Island. The plant delivers a wealth of benefits for an essential oil, including anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties. The Māori population have used the distilled oil for centuries, predominantly to treat wounds/scars/bites & skin irritation. The heritage & functionality of the oil has seduced that of the cosmetic world, with its floral aroma it can be used in a wide range of cosmetic formulations.

Kunzea Ericoides Leaf Oil

Cozmat can confirm Kanuka, Essential Oil is produced via Steam Distillation.

Cozmat can confirm Kanuka, Essential Oil origin is New Zealand.

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Wild harvested in New Zealand.
Anti-inflammatory & Anti-bacterial properties. 
An oil that has been used for centuries by the Māori people.
A floral aroma.

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