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Cozmat presents Hyssop, Essential Oil. This pretty shrub delivers a beautiful smelling essential oil. This ancient oil (even mentioned in the Bible) is produced form the leaves of the purple flowering tops. Its popularity in the cosmetic world has risen due to its sweet & spicy aroma profile. It blends wonderfully with other oils and is ideally directed towards formulations that are aimed at tackling skin marks & those eye bags!

Hyssop Officinalis Leaf

Cozmat can confirm Hyssop, Essential Oil is produced via Steam Distillation.

Cozmat can confirm Hyssop, Essential Oil origin is Spain.

84603-66-7 / 8006-83-5


3301 29 41 00

Rich in history (even mentioned in the Bible). A sweet & spicy aroma. Blends wonderfully with other essential oils.

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