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Coriander Seed

A lovely essential oil to blend into your massage blends to give a wonderful fresh massage experience. Also popular as a flavoring in food, this herbal carries a lovely spicy, sweet fragrance that blends superbly with others such as clary sage & cypress oil.

Coriandrum Sativum Oil

Cozmat can confirm Coriander Seed, Essential Oil is produced via Steam Distillation.

Cozmat can confirm that Coriander Seed, Essential Oil origin is Russia.

8008-52-4 / 84775-50-8


3301 2941 00

Blends very well with other essential oils such as cypress & clary sage oil.
A fresh, herbaceous aromatic oil that you can blend into a super massage blend.
Very versatile. A popular oil for flavoring & for aiding those aches & pains!

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