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Cozmat presents Clementine, Essential Oil. We love this essential oil for its sweet and crisp odour that can be used to fragrance your formulations or living space beautifully. Used as a fragrance as a stress buster, its potency delivers that slice of Sicily in your own home. We produce this via the peel of the fruit and the finished product is a bright yellow (clementine like) colour. One of our favorite citrus products.

Citrus Clementina Peel Oil

Cozmat can confirm Clementine, Essential Oil is produced via Physical Expression.

Cozmat can confirm that Clementine, Essential Oil origin is Italy.

Not applicable to this product.

Not applicable to this product.

3301 19 20

A wonderful sweet, calming citrus aroma. Known to be a super stress-buster. Produced in the stunning roaming hills of Sicily.

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