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Clary Sage

Cozmat presents Clary Sage, Essential Oil. Also known as "Eye Bright Oil" this oil has been found to date back as far as the middle ages for medicinal purposes, it is now only really used in personal care application. The flowering leaves & heads are harvested & then steam distilled to deliver this high Linalyl acetate content oil. The oil itself carries a sweet herbaceous aroma, best applied to hair care products. Clary Sage oil is also known to combat dandruff effectively & help reduce oil/grease build up on ones skin & hair.

Salvia Sclarea Oil

Cozmat can confirm Clary Sage, Essential Oil is produced via Steam Distillation.

Cozmat can confirm that Clary Sage, Essential Oil origin is France (Provence).

8016-63-5 / 84775-83-7


3302 9090 00

Also known as "Eye Bright" Oil, it carries a historical usage as far back as the middle ages.
A high Linalyl acetate content (up to 70%).
A sweet, herbaceous aroma.
Best applied to hair & skincare formulations. Known to combat dandruff & reduce oil/grease build up on both the hair & skin.

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