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Chamomile Blue

Cozmat presents Chamomile Blue, Essential Oil. We offer a wide range of Chamomile Oils so please be sure to look into which one best suits your formulation. Chamomile Blue is a dark blue oil which is specifically native to Germany. This oil carries cooling & calming properties with a more medicinal scent to that of its relative Roman Chamomile. Commonly used to soothe dry skin. If you are looking for an essential oil with anti-inflammatory benefits, this oil works well in face & body products.

Chamomilla Recuita Flower Oil

Cozmat can confirm Chamomile Blue, Essential Oil is produced via Steam Distillation.

Cozmat can confirm that Chamomile Blue, Essential Oil origin is Egypt / India / EU.


Not Listed.

3301 2941 00

A common perfume & fragrance ingredient.
Ideally used on sensitive/ dry skin.
Commonly used as a calming & soothing essential oil.
A deep blue colour & medicinal aroma

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