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Beautiful flowers produce beautiful oils…. O&3 presents Cananga, Essential Oil. This tropical essential oil is wild harvested in Indonesia to deliver a beautiful sweet, floral fragrant oil. The plant itself is a stunner & fortunately for us delivers a functional essential oil that is commonly used in fragrances, soaps, perfumes & even to give a sweet smelling insect repellant.

Cananga Odorata Flower Oil

Cozmat can confirm Cananga, Essential Oil is produced via wild harvesting petals of Cananga Odorata followed by Steam Distillation

Cozmat ccan confirm that Cananga, Essential Oil origin is Comores / Madagascar.

83863-30-3 / 8006-81-3 / 68606-83-7


3301 2941 00

Due to its content, it is popular in Insect repellants.
Beautifully sweet, floral aroma profile.
Superbly suited to fragrances, soaps & perfumes. A winner with Grandmother!

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