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Basil, Oleoresin 30-40%

presents Basil, Oleoresin 30-40%. Hexane extracted from dried Basil leaves, we then offer the sweet aromatic oleoresin infused in a sunflower oil base to control its aromatic & flavour profile.

Ocimum Basilicum Oil & Helianthus Annus Seed Oil

Cozmat can confirm Basil, Oleoresin 30-40% is produced via Hexane Extraction & Distillation of the Basil herb and infused in a Sunflower Oil base

Cozmat can confirm Basil, Oleoresin 30-40% origin is UK.

84775-71-3 / 8001-21-6

283-900-8 / 232-273-9

3301 90 30 00

A floral-spicy Odour & with a spicy flavour with mild bitterness. Commonly used in food applications.

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