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Alpha Bisabol

Cozmat presents Natural alpha-Bisabolol which originates from the Midwest regions of Brazil. Derived from a tropical shrub the oil contains up to 95% alpha-bisabol which has been widely used in traditional medicine for centuries. A floral woody aroma, this oil is widely used for its skin healing properties, due to its anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial benefits, commonly used in shaving & sun burn products for those very reasons.


Cozmat can confirm Natural alpha-Bisabolol is produced via steam distillation.

Cozmat can confirm Alpha Bisabol, Natural origin is Brazil.

515-69-5 / 23089-26-1

208-205-9 / 245-423-3

2906 1900 90

Anti-inflammatory properties A natural, fresh, woody aroma fresh aroma that naturally soothes the skin. Contains up to 95% alpha-bisabol. Known to aid muscle ache, burns & dehydrated skin.

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